Minutes of the...

Tenth Annual Meeting, Calgary, Alberta, May 26, 2000

Meeting opened with a welcome to GSC Calgary by Vern Stasiuk. He noted we were a small group but representative of University, Government (federal & provincial) and private sector although there was a absence of industrial (mining etc.) members. Plans for an evening dinner for informal discussion were set. Plans for field trip to Banff on Saturday were presented.

Meeting Host

The meeting was held at the main boardroom of the Geological Survey of Canada (Calgary), Calgary, Alberta.

Attendees: (Attachment I)

Regrets: T. Gentzis; P. Hacquebard; Y. Heroux; P. Mukhopadhyay

Agenda - approved (Attachment II)

Presentations (Attachment III)

Technical presentations followed in the afternoon after morning business meeting.

President's report

Welcome to the 9th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for Coal Science and Organic Petrology - this being the ninth anniversary of the formalization of CSCOP which took place under the direction of former president Fari Goodazi.

As those of you with grey hair know this is however, the 29th anniversary of the founding of the forerunner of this society - The Canadian Coal Petrographers Group - which had its first meeting in Ottawa in 1971.

We have one of the founding members here with us today, we are very honoured to have Alex Cameron who is now an honorary member of the society. There are only two other honorary members: Bishu Nandi and Peter Hacquebard who were also involves with the initial foundation of CCPG.

Alex - it lifts out spirits to have join us today I hope we will be able to do that for you also.

Welcome to new members who are joining us for the first time and welcome to those who have not been with us for a while such as Andrew Beaton. Andrew has just recently joined the Alberta Geological Survey as coal geologist specializing in Coal-bed methane exploration. Congratulations to Andrew we wish him well in his new position.

Activities: the past year has been quiet relative to the preceding ones when we were actively compiling the Canadian Atlas of Coal Petrology. (Vern will say more on atlas sales later ). However, we have a new initiative that a group of us has been working at which promised to consume a lot of our time in the 2 years leading up to the Banff 2002, an international meeting that we (CSCOP) will be hosting with TSOP and members of the European Association of Organic Geochemists in September 2002. We will have more to say on this later in the proceedings also.

Membership: Our active membership remains steady at around 40 members. It is gratifying to have as many young members at our meeting these days as there "older members" demonstrating the new applications of coal and peat petrology and geochemistry in environmental issues and climate change. Regretfully, we have lost a few of our international members, e.g. Richard Sykes of New Zealand and Dale Swaine of Australia.

Some of the issues that are being discussed on your behalf through our participation in the Geoscience Council of Canada are: 
Professional registration
Climate change
Capacity Gaps
Ocean Resources/Marine Geoscience
Mapping of Canada
Geoscience databases
NSERC Grant allocations
New Ocean Drilling Program m

Finally, thank you for your participation today - thank you in advance to all those presenting talks today - Please consider this an opportunity to discuss with people what you are working on and I would like to encourage and positive and helpful feedback.

Secretary's report

Web site

  • Some improvements have been made to the web site. There is a considerable potential for the society if members make use of the site (these minutes will be posted on the site). 
  • Any feedback, ideas or problems about the site would be appreciated. Please make your ideas known to myself or any member of the executive. Remember, you can advertize yourself and demonstrate the expertize and diversity of our membership by sending in an information profile of yourself (membership profile on membership page). It's very easy, just fill in a few blanks in the online form (follow the membership profile links).
Treasurer's report (Attachment IV)


  • President Judith Potter sent along Treasurer Tom Gentzis's regrets that he could not be at the meeting to present his report. Judith presented the report and moderated discussion on the report.
  • Judith highlighted several noteworthy items. Major expenses were the $250 debit for Cameron Award, $220 for Canadian Geoscience Council membership fees and $1000 for down payment for Banff facilities. Earnings were $302 from membership dues and $954 from Atlas sales. 
  • It was also noted that Tom's term was up but that he agreed to stay on for another term as allowed by the constitution..
  • D. Marchioni agreed to bring the audit of the society's financial statements up to date.
Society Business

Publication Editor's report (L. Stasiuk)

  • Recent cheque from GSC brings total to $2000 with 20 sold last year for a total of 130 copies. GSC retains 15% for processing the orders which includes providing credit card transactions available to purchasers.
  • We were able to obtain six reviews of the atlas which for the most part were very favourable.
  • The special issue of the International Journal of Coal for selected papers from the Halifax TSOP '98 meeting is now available.
  • Proposal was made for CD-Rom version of Atlas. All were in agreement with a timetable to start next year and maybe have it ready for release at the Banff meeting. Alex Cameron advised that we make sure that the small improvements suggested by reviewers be implemented. 
Discussion: Alex Cameron asked L. Stasiuk for more details on Atlas sales. Vern replied that most of the balance in account was due to Atlas sales with sales in 25 countries. Our costs were recovered at 70 copies.

Awards committee (L. Stasiuk)

  • The first Alexander R. Cameron student award was presented in 1999. There were 3 applicants from 2 Canadian universities. The recipient this year was Raphael Wust of the University of British Columbia. Raphael is a PhD. student of Dr R. M. Bustin, and is working on "Modern intermontaine peat deposits from Tasek Bera, Malaysia, showing close similarities to 'dulling-upward' sequences". No nominations have been thus far been received in 1999 -2000 for the Hacquebard Award. 
Constitution amendments (J. Potter)
  • President Potter presented the changes proposed by the Constitution Committee and facilitated discussions. Most of the significant amendments were accepted as recommended with a few adjustments resulting from suggestions of the membership present at the meeting.
  • A copy of the constitution is included as Attachment V. The changes are presented in italics to allow members to compare them with the earlier version.
Upcoming events
  • TSOP 17th Annual Meeting, September 17-20, 2000, Bloomington, Indiana.
  • TSOP18th Annual Meeting, September 23-26, 2001, Houston, Texas.
  • TSOP19th Annual Meeting, September, 2002, Banff, Alberta.
  • ICCP 52rd Annual Meeting, Petro Bras, Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Sept 12-19, 2000.
  • ICCP 53rd Annual Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 12-18, 2001.
  • International Geological Congress, August 2000, Brazil. Wolfgang Kalkreuth serves on the organizing committee.
  • Joint TSOP-CSCOP (EAOG-European Association of Organic Geochemists) meeting, 2002, Banff, AB.
ICCP meeting report
  • The 51st meeting of the International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology was held in Bucharest Romania on September 12 to 18, 1999, at the Faculty of Geology and Geophysics. A total of 32 members and 20 guests attended the meeting. The new ICCP president, Dr. Alan Cook, was inaugurated during the meeting and will hold the office until 2003. The new General Secretary is Petra David and Peter Crosdale is the new editor. Commission 1 presented a report on the accreditation program (further information is available on the ICCP website). The commission also reported that new handbook section for vitrinte is complete, inertinite is under revision, and the liptinite sheets are currently still in the editorial process. The alginite sheets project is also still in progress and is selecting final photos. A lengthy discussion was held weighing the advantages and disadvantages of producing ICCP products in digital form (i.e. on cd rom). L. Stasiuk and J. Burgess also made a presentation to the commission on the 'current' status of petrographic knowledge with respect to bitumens and the necessity to classify these macerals. Commission 2 had several presentations summarizing the annual work. These included C. Arauji (thermal indices), Jack Burgess and L. Stasiuk (Dispersed Organic matter classification), P. Crosdale (coalbed methane), pseudovitrinite (L. Gurba), and Ro evaluation qualifying system (J. Koch). Commission 3 had working group presentations from Isabel Suarez-Ruiz (coal blends), Petra David (automation), Alvarez (combustion), and inertinite in combustion (Gomez and Alvarez). Next years meeting will be held in at Petro Bras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sept 12-19, 2000.
Other items
  • Next year's meeting will be held in Calgary during May/June, 2001.
  • The traditional evening get to together for members and spouses turned out to be a 'dining experience' at the Mongolian Grill.
  • Because of the involvement of several of our members in the immediately following Geoscience 2000 conference a short field trip to Banff area was cancelled.

Attachment I


Mike Avery (GSC Atlantic)
Andrew Beaton (Alta Geol Surv, Edmonton)
Alex Cameron (retired GSC Calgary)
Fari Goodarzi (GSC Calgary)
Peter Kouremenos (U of Alta/GSC-C volunteer)
Marcel Labonte (retired GSC Calgary)
Willem Langenberg (Alta Geol Surv, Edmonton)
Bill McDougall (GSC Calgary)
Dave Marchioni (Petro-Logic Services, Calgary)
Sharlene Pollock (U of Calgary)
Judith Potter (J.P. PetroGraphics, Calgary)
Julito Reyes (GSC Calgary internship)
Cynthia Riediger (U of Calgary)
Hamed Sanei (U of Victoria)
Lavern Stasiuk (GSC Calgary)
Maria Tomica (GSC Calgary)
Jenny Wong (GSC Calgary)

Information for contacting the executive

President: Judith Potter
90 Patterson Close SW
Calgary, AB
T3H 2V2
ph: 403-292-7114 or (403) 240-0240 
fax: 403-292-5377 or (403) 240-0240

Secretary: Mike Avery
Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Box 1006, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2Y 4A2
ph: 902-426-6761
fax: 902-426-4465

Treasurer: Thomas Gentzis
National Centre for Upgrading Technology
Suite A202, 1 Oil Patch Dr
Devon Research Centre
Devon, Alberta
T9G 1A8
ph: 780-987-8642
fax: 780-987-5349

Publication Editor: Lavern D. Stasiuk
Geological Survey of Canada (Calgary)
3303 - 33rd St. NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2L 2A7
ph: 403-292-7000
fax: 403-292-5377

Attachment II




9.00 a.m. Welcome and opening remarks - host
9.05 a.m. Minutes of 1999 Annual Meeting
9.10 a.m. Presidents report
9.20 a.m. Secretary's report
9.30 a.m. Treasurers report
9.40 a.m. Publications editor's report
9.45 a.m. Conference Report (TSOP, ICCP)
9.50 a.m. Report of Awards Committee
9.55 a.m. Report of Constitutional Committee
10.00 a.m. Coffee Break
10.30 a.m. New Business:
                     Discussion of proposed constitutional amendments
11.30 a.m. Upcoming meetings and announcements
11.35 a.m. Banff 2002 conference organization
11.45 a.m. Other business
12.00 a.m. Lunch
1.30 p.m. Technical Presentations
3.00 p.m. Coffee Break
3.20 p.m. Technical Presentations
4.45 p.m. Meeting adjourns
7.00 p.m. Supper at appointed location

Attachment III

Technical Presentation, GSC Calgary, Main Boardroom

1:30 - 2:00 
Cindy Riediger, University of Calgary. 'Timing of oil migration, Paleozoic and Cretaceous bitumen and heavy oil deposits, eastern Alberta'
2:00 - 2:30
Judith Potter 'Classification of microbitumens in relation to thermal maturation'
2:30 - 3:00
Hamed Sanei 'Geochemistry of Recent Sediments from Pigeon Lake Alberta' 
3:00 Coffee Break
3:20 - 3:50 
Willem Langenberg 'Gas generation in some Canadian coalbed methane reservoirs'
3:50 - 4:20 
L. Stasiuk and Hamid Sanei 'Diatom oils and chlorophyllinite'
4:20 - 4:50 
Goodarzi and Others 'Environmental chemistry: The Cominco Project'

Attachment IV


(For the period from June 18, 1999 to May 23, 2000)


$ 131.04 - To IGA Devon for lunch provided to CSCOP members on June 22, 1999.
$ 30.00 - Paid to The Receiver General for Canada on June 28, 1999 for incorporation & disclosure of CSCOP to Industry Canada.
$ 74.90 - Paid to Tetras on January 5, 2000 to cover costs for a gift for the departing Secretary of CSCOP. This cheque replaced the original one that was issued on October 3, 1996. The original cheque was returned to CSCOP.
$ 30.00 - Paid to Thomas Gentzis on February 17, 2000 to cover postage, telephone, and other minor expenses incurred over the past few years.
$ 250.00 - Paid to Raphael Wòst on March 21, 2000. He is a UBC graduate student and the recipient of the Cameron Award. 
$ 66.75 - Bank charges for deposits and for maintaining the account.
$ 220.00 - Paid to Geoscience Council of Canada on May 1, 2000 as membership for 2,000. The cheque had not been cashed by May 23 when this report was prepared

$ 802.69 Total Debits


$ 302.00 - Membership dues and sales of CSCOP Glossary. Deposited on August 9, 1999.
$ 954.54 - Sales from CSCOP Glossary. Deposited on December 4, 1999.
$ 40.54 - Interest from term deposit certificate. Deposited on February 2, 2000.
$ 75.00 - Membership dues deposited on February 17, 2000.
$ 705.00 - Membership dues and EAOG deposit (1,000 Euros or $ 680 Can). Deposited on May 23, 2000.

$ 2,077.08 Total Credits


Balance on June 11, 1999: $ 6,393.72
Balance on December 31, 1999: $ 7,447.47
Actual Balance on May 23, 2000: $ 7,888.11
Theoretical Balance: $ 7,668.11 once the outstanding cheque of $ 220.00 to Geoscience Council of Canada is factored in)
Difference: $ 0.00

Balanced Budget!!

Held at the Canada Trust branch in Spruce Grove
Ø The amount is $ 1,150.00 and is fixed
Ø It matured on February 2, 2000 
Ø It was renewed for 12 months until February 2, 2001 
Ø The annual interest rate is 4.6%
Ø The interest is credited to the chequing account at maturity

This report was prepared on May 23, 2000 by: Thomas Gentzis, Treasurer-CSCOP

Attachment V



1. Name
The name of the Society is : "The Canadian Society for Coal Science and Organic Petrology"

The society may be referred to by the acronym: CSCOP

2. Mandate
To encourage and promote the practice, research and development of coal science, organic petrology and related disciplines in Canada and abroad through the practice of coal petrology and geochemistry.

To act as an advisory body to teaching, training, industrial and research establishments on a national and international level.

To serve the members in a professional capacity.

3. Membership
Any individual engaged in research in, or practicing coal science, organic petrology, geochemistry and related disciplines is eligible to become a member.

There are two categories :

(i) full member
(ii) honourary member 
(iii) student member
An honourary member shall be a founding member, retired member or member who has distinguished him/herself by virtue of their outstanding contributions to the work of the society.

All members are responsible for promoting the goals of the Society and should be willing to advise in matters of coal research and development in Canada.

All members are entitled to attend the annual meeting and receive a directory of members and the Society newsletter on an annual basis.

4. Membership dues
Membership dues will be established at the annual meeting and payable annually. Membership will be automatically discontinued when dues have not been paid for three consecutive years. Honourary members are not required to pay dues.

5. Officers
The officers shall consist of:

(i) The President
(ii) The past-President
(iii) Secretary
(iv) Treasurer 
(v) Publications editor
(vi) Regional officers responsible for membership and communication:  Eastern (Maritime Provinces)
Central (Quebec and Ontario)
Western (Manitoba Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia)
Northern (NW Territories and Nunuvut)

The President shall be the Society's official representative responsible for promoting and advancing the goals of the Society, instigating policy, liaison with industry, provincial and federal government agencies, universities and sister societies. The President shall appoint regional officers and representatives to other societies, as necessary.

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of meetings and transactions, communicating information to members via the newsletter or electronic means and managing the Society's website.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for collection of membership dues, management of the Society's funds and investments and payment of accounts payable.

6. Election of Officers
The president, secretary and treasurer shall be elected by the membership through a nomination and ballot process, or by acclamation should only one nomination be tendered. Each position carries a two-year term of office. Officers may serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Elections for president and secretary shall be offset by one year.

Other officers can be nominated and elected by the members present at the annual meeting.

7. Committees
The work of the Society shall be carried out through functioning committees and working groups. The following committees are currently established:

Constitutional committee shall be responsible for drafting and implementing changes to the constitution; shall consist of three members, including the President and one other officer). The recommendations of this committee must then be approved by two-thirds of the membership before the proposed amendments can be implemented.

Awards Committee: shall consist of a minimum four members and shall be responsible for administering, seeking nominations and informing the recipients of the Hacquebard Medal and the Alexander R. Cameron Award.

Publications committee shall consist of the Publications Editor and at least two other members. This committee shall be responsible for publications, other than the newsletter, fostered and initiated by the society.

Membership committee: (three members) shall evaluate applications for membership and examine the criteria for honorary membership.

8. Meetings
A meeting will be held annually to discuss society business, finances, budgets and review activities and recent advances in coal science, organic petrology and related disciplines.

9. Audits
The fiscal year of the Society shall start on May 1st. The books, accounts and records of the Society shall be audited at least once a year. A statement of the books shall be presented at the annual meeting and by mail/other means of communication, annually to the membership by the Treasurer and/or the auditor.

10. Constitutional changes
Proposals for changes to the constitution can be made by any member, in person at the annual meeting, or by written or electronic communication to the constitutional committee who shall them deliver the proposal to the members present at the annual meeting. 

Proposed changes can be effected only by agreement of two-thirds of the membership at the annual meeting.