Canadian Society for Coal Science and
Pres: J. Potter 

Sect: M. Avery

Organic Petrology

Tres: T. Gentzis 

Pub. Ed: L. Stasiuk 

October 23, 2001

Dear CSCOP member,

Enclosed are the minutes for the eleventh annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Coal Science and Organic Petrology held in Calgary, June 2001. Thanks to Vern and Fari for again hosting the meeting at GSC Calgary.

I regret that I could not attend this year's meeting. A big thanks goes to Judith and Vern for providing very complete notes on the meeting. It made the job of preparing the minutes this year much easier.

Please note that membership dues for 2001/2002 are due now and next year's should be paid on or before May 1st and we will accept advance payments! I have included an updated dues form to help with submitting your dues. If you are in doubt about the status of your dues account check with Treasurer Thomas Gentzis (see attachment IV for contact information).

These minutes will be published on the web site and members with e-mail will receive them as an attachment with the option of declining the hardcopy mailout to reduce costs. If you have an e-mail address and do not receive an e-mail note from me before you receive this letter then I probably don't have your e-mail address. If this is the case, then please send me your e-mail address and I will update our CSCOP e-mail list.

Mike Avery