Minutes of the...

Ninth Annual Meeting, Edmonton, Alberta, June 21-22, 1999

Meeting opened with a welcome to NCUT by Thomas Gentzis (Director B. Dawson was unavailable).

Meeting Host

The annual meeting was held at the facilities of the Western Research Centre, National Centre for Upgrading Technology in Devon, Alberta.

Attendees (Attachment I):

Agenda - approved (Attachment II)

Presentations (Attachment III)

  • A technical presentation, by Julito Reyes, was added to the list of presentations prepared prior to the meeting. The title was "Preliminary report on the pattern and rate of deposition of elements (anthropogenic impact) within COMINCO smelter and surrounding areas".
President's report
  • Judith Potter stated that CSCOP was asked to provide input to a draft document to be circulated within the Energy Sector of the Federal Government. The document examined the impact of the following factors on the energy sector: recent downsizing in the public service, hiring policy, climate change, sustainable resource development, and public health and safety. This was interpreted as an indication of the importance of CSCOP in future initiatives and policies within the energy sector.
  • Membership in the Canadian Geoscience Council should continue. CSCOP has one vote, similar to other organizations with larger membership base.
  • The term for the Secretary's position in CSCOP is 4 years and is currently under review.
Secretary's report

Web site

  • The Atlas is advertized on the web site under "Atlas Project - What we can do?". There is a short description, ordering information and a table of contents. There is a considerable amount of potential for the society if members make use of the site (these minutes will be posted on the site).

  • Any feedback, ideas or problems about the site would be appreciated. Please make your ideas known to myself or any member of the executive. Remember you can advertize yourself and demonstrate the expertize and diversity of our membership by sending in an information profile of yourself (membership profile on membership page). It's very easy, just fill in a few blanks.
Treasurer's report (Attachment IV)

Society Business

Publication Editor's report

  • A total of 300 copies of the Atlas were reproduced. Until June 1999, the GSC had sold 31 copies and CSCOP had sold 34 copies, for a total of 65. Eleven copies were still unpaid. More than half of the copies were sent outside Canada.
  • Three complimentary copies were also given to sponsors: one copy to Grant Mossop (Director-GSC Calgary) and two copies to CANMET in Ottawa. About $6,100 were raised from the sale of the Atlas (excluding the unpaid 11 copies) by June 1999.
New business
  • A review of CSCOP's constitution should be conducted.
  • The position of "Past President" should be recognized in the new constitution.
  • A constitution "committee" was struck, consisting of the following members: Lavern Stasiuk, Judith Potter, Alex Cameron (Past President), and Sharlene Pollock.
Awards committee
  • Alex Cameron should continue to serve on this committee. Other members include Vern Stasiuk, Cindy Riediger, Jenny Wong, Dave Marchioni, and Peter Hacquebard.
  • It was decided that the deadline for the awards should be January 15 of each year.
  • Nominations for the Hacquebard award should be solicited by the above committee. The Hacquebard Award is a Medal award whereas the Cameron award is a cash award, worth $250 (Can).
  • Letters to be sent out to universities (Geoscience departments), surveys, research institutes, etc. to solicit names of students eligible for the award. Elizabeth Macey will help compile the directory prior to sending the letters on behalf of CSCOP.
General remarks
  • We need an active marketing strategy and advertisement of CSCOP at geological meetings. We also need to have a review of the Atlas published in international journals (e.g., Organic Geochemistry, Fuel, Geological Society of America).
  • Allocate some funds for the review and direct advertising of the Atlas. Also, sell the Atlas at reduced price (~$100 per copy) if the order is for 6-10 copies. Contact university bookstores and produce more fliers advertising the Atlas.
  • Dave Marcioni will audit the CSCOP's account.
  • The Canadian Carbonization Research Association will hold its meeting in Calgary in September 1999.
Upcoming events
  • Carboniferous Congress, August 1999, Calgary, AB.
  • ICCP, Bucharest, September 1999. Vern Stasiuk will attend and give report next year.
  • TSOP meeting, September 26-28, 1999, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Millenium Geoscience Summit, Spring 2000, Calgary, AB.
  • International Geological Congress, August 2000, Brazil. Wolfgang Kalkreuth serves on the organizing committee.
  • Joint TSOP-CSCOP (EAOG-European Association of Organic Geochemists) meeting, 2002, Banff, AB.  (Currently, CSCOP is negotiating with Elsevier Science regarding the EAOG meeting (Organic Geochemistry and Petroleum) in Banff. CSCOP has submitted a proposal regarding field trips. 250 people are expected to attend, 12 people are in the organizing committee including Fari Goodarzi, Judith Potter, Vern Stasiuk, and Martin Fowler Elsevier will look after the conference logistics. A reply to the proposal is expected within the next month or two.)

New initiatives

  • CSCOP should produce its own calendar with digital images of micrographs.
  • Next year's meeting will be held in Calgary sometime during the period of May 19-29, 2000.
  • Vern Stasiuk and Fari Goodarzi agreed to host the meeting.
Other items
  • Technical presentations followed.
  • The CSCOP dinner was held in the evening of June 21 in a restaurant in Leduc.
  • Lunch for attendees on the first day of the meeting was provided by CSCOP.
  • Field trip to the Genesee power station and coal mine was held on June 22.

Attachment I


Alex Cameron (retired GSC Calgary)
Thomas Gentzis (NRCan, Devon, Alberta)
Fari Goodarzi (GSC Calgary)
Michelle Hawke (U of BC)
Marcel Labonte (retired GSC Calgary)
Willem Langenberg (Alta Geol Surv, Edmonton)
Elizabeth Macey (GSC Calgary)
Dave Marchioni (Petro-Logic Services, Calgary)
Sharlene Pollock (U of Calgary)
Judith Potter (J.P. PetroGraphics, Calgary)
Julito Reyes (GSC Calgary internship)
Hamed Sanei (U of Victoria)
Lavern Stasiuk (GSC Calgary)
Maria Tomica (GSC Calgary)
Jenny Wong (GSC Calgary)

Information for contacting the executive

President: Judith Potter
90 Patterson Close SW
Calgary, AB
T3H 2V2
ph: 403-292-7114 or (403) 240-0240
fax: 403-292-5377 or (403) 240-0240

Secretary: Mike Avery
Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Box 1006, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2Y 4A2
ph: 902-426-6761
fax: 902-426-4465

Treasurer: Thomas Gentzis
National Centre for Upgrading Technology
Suite A202, 1 Oil Patch Dr
Devon Research Centre
Devon, Alberta
T9G 1A8
ph: 780-987-8642
fax: 780-987-5349

Publication Editor: Lavern D. Stasiuk
Geological Survey of Canada (Calgary)
3303 - 33rd St. NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2L 2A7
ph: 403-292-7000
fax: 403-292-5377

Attachment II


June 21-22
Devon, AB


Day 1: June 21

1. Welcome remarks and Introductions
2. President's Report
3. Secretary's Report
4. Treasurer' Report
5. Publication Editor's Report
6. Society Business
7. Consitutional review

  • Revenue from Atlas sales
  • Atlas marketing strategy
  • Audit of CSCOP books
  • CSCOP-CCRA relations
  • Members directory
  • CGC activities
  • Upcoming events
  • President's award
  • TSOP-CSCOP- (EAOG) Joint meeting, Banff, 2002
7. 12:00-13:00
Lunch (provided by CSCOP)

8. 13:00-14:15

9. Dinner at Nisku Inn at 18:30

Day 2: June 22

1. Presentations
2. Tour of NCUT facilities
3. Depart for field trip
4. Return to Devon at ~16:00

Attachment III


Monday, June 21, 1999

Vitrinite reflectance anisotropy in the Sydney Mines Formation, Nova Scotia: Willem Langenberg
Microbitumens as maturity indicators in sedimentary rocks - a generic approach: Judith Potter
Coalbed methane activity today: Dave Marchioni
Mineralogy and trace element geochemistry of the Genesee Mine, Alberta: Charlene Pollock
Peat as a repository of atmospheric trace metal deposition: Some preliminary findings: Michelle Hawke
Preliminary study on geochemistry of recent sediments from Pigeon Lake, Alberta as related to the anthropogenic and natural fluxes: Hamed Sanei

Tuesday, June 22, 1999
Summary activities in GSC Calgary Organic Petrology:1998-1999: Lavern Stasiuk
The effect of distillation cut point on the upgrading of Athabasca bitumen to SCO: Thomas Gentzis
Tour of NCUT facilities (labs and pilot plant)
Departure for Genesee mine and power station

Attachment IV


(FOR THE PERIOD August 1, 1998 to June 17, 1999)

$ 163.48 
$ 12,000.00
$ 2, 827.30 
$ 2,000.00* 
$ 220.00 
$ 30.00 
$ 69.50 
$ 17,310.28 
Judith Potter - CSCOP expenses (Sep. 28, 1998)
Style-Craft Printing - Costs for printing Glossary (Invoice #14070)  (Sep. 30, 1998)
Style-Craft Printing - Costs for printing Glossary (Balance of above invoice) (Dec. 15, 1998)
The Banff Ctr. For Conf. - CSCOP-EAOG Conf. - *Deposit (March 31, 1999)
Geoscience Council of Canada - Membership for 1998/99 (April 1, 1999)
Receiver General for Canada (Incorporation & Disclosure) (June 19, 1999)
Bank charges
Total Debits

$ 10,000.00
$ 530.00
$ 0.52
$ 307.00
$ 711.43
$ 7,197.09
$ 834.50
$ 42.55
$ 160.00
$ 419.30
$ 1,448.24
$ 21,650.63

$ 21,537.13

Government of Canada - CSCOP Glossary (Sep. 25, 1998)
Membership dues and sale of Glossary (Sep. 25, 1998)
Interest (Sep. 30, 1998)
Membership dues and sale of Glossary (Oct. 2, 1998)
Sale of Glossary (Nov. 9, 1998)
Government of Canada ($5,000) and sale of Glossary (Dec. 4, 1998)
Membership dues and sale of Glossary (Jan. 29, 1999)
Interest from term deposit certificate (Feb. 2, 1999)
Membership dues (Mar. 12, 1999)
Membership dues and sale of Glossary (May 21, 1999)
Membership dues and sale of Glossary (June 11, 1999)
Total Credits
Note: A cheque for $113.50 was returned in May 1999
Revised Total Credits 

Credits minus Debits:
Balance on July 31, 1998: 
Theoretical Balance: 
Actual Balance on June 11, 1999: 
Difference (Surplus): 
$ 4,226.85
$ 2,131.87
$ 6,358.72
$ 6,393.72
$ 34.80


  • CHEQUING ACCOUNT (as of June 11, 1999)
with Canada Trust in Edmonton

$ 6,393.72*
* $ 2,000.00 was transferred from a certificate to chequing account

Canada Trust in Edmonton

$ 1,150.00
Ø It matured on February 2, 1999 and received an interest rate of 3.7%
Ø It was renewed for 12 months at 3.525%
Ø Interest is credited to chequing account

Prepared on June 17, 1999 by:

Thomas Gentzis