1. Name
The name of the Society is : "The Canadian Society for Coal Science and Organic Petrology"

The society may be referred to by the acronym: CSCOP

2. Mandate
To encourage and promote the practice, research and development of coal science, organic petrology and related disciplines in Canada and abroad through the practice of coal petrology and geochemistry.

To act as an advisory body to teaching, training, industrial and research establishments on a national and international level.

To serve the members in a professional capacity.

3. Membership
Any individual engaged in research in, or practicing coal science, organic petrology, geochemistry and related disciplines is eligible to become a member.

There are three categories :

(i) full member
(ii) honourary member 
(iii) student member
An honourary member shall be a founding member, retired member or member who has distinguished him/herself by virtue of their outstanding contributions to the work of the society.

All members are responsible for promoting the goals of the Society and should be willing to advise in matters of coal research and development in Canada.

All members are entitled to attend the annual meeting and receive a directory of members and the Society newsletter on an annual basis.

4. Membership dues
Membership dues will be established at the annual meeting and payable annually. Membership will be automatically discontinued when dues have not been paid for three consecutive years. Honourary members are not required to pay dues.

5. Officers
The officers shall consist of:

(i) The President
(ii) The past-President
(iii) Secretary
(iv) Treasurer
(v) Publications editor
(vi) Regional officers responsible for membership and communication:  Eastern (Maritime Provinces)
Central (Quebec and Ontario)
Western (Manitoba Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia)
Northern (NW Territories and Nunuvut)

The President shall be the Society's official representative responsible for promoting and advancing the goals of the Society, instigating policy, liaison with industry, provincial and federal government agencies, universities and sister societies. The President shall appoint regional officers and representatives to other societies, as necessary.

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of meetings and transactions, communicating information to members via the newsletter or electronic means and managing the Society's website.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for collection of membership dues, management of the Society's funds and investments and payment of accounts payable.

6. Election of Officers
The president, secretary and treasurer shall be elected by the membership through a nomination and ballot process, or by acclamation should only one nomination be tendered. Each position carries a two-year term of office. Officers may serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Elections for president and secretary shall be offset by one year.

Other officers can be nominated and elected by the members present at the annual meeting.

7. Committees
The work of the Society shall be carried out through functioning committees and working groups. The following committees are currently established:

Constitutional committee shall be responsible for drafting and implementing changes to the constitution; shall consist of three members, including the President and one other officer). The recommendations of this committee must then be approved by two-thirds of the membership before the proposed amendments can be implemented.

Awards Committee: shall consist of a minimum four members and shall be responsible for administering, seeking nominations and informing the recipients of the Hacquebard Medal and the Alexander R. Cameron Award.

Publications committee shall consist of the Publications Editor and at least two other members. This committee shall be responsible for publications, other than the newsletter, fostered and initiated by the society.

Membership committee: (three members) shall evaluate applications for membership and examine the criteria for honorary membership.

8. Meetings
A meeting will be held annually to discuss society business, finances, budgets and review activities and recent advances in coal science, organic petrology and related disciplines.

9. Audits
The fiscal year of the Society shall start on May 1st. The books, accounts and records of the Society shall be audited at least once a year. A statement of the books shall be presented at the annual meeting and by mail/other means of communication, annually to the membership by the Treasurer and/or the auditor.

10. Constitutional changes
Proposals for changes to the constitution can be made by any member, in person at the annual meeting, or by written or electronic communication to the constitutional committee who shall them deliver the proposal to the members present at the annual meeting. 

Proposed changes can be effected only by agreement of two-thirds of the membership at the annual meeting.