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Dr. Alexander Rankin Cameron, Calgary, died September 11, 2000.

1952 - BSc  - St. Francis Xavier University
1954 - MSc - Pennsylvania State University
1961 - PhD - Pennsylvania State University

1960 - 1992 - Geological Survey of Canada
Visiting professorships
Pennsylvania State University, Southern Illinois University, and the University of Newcastle

Alex Cameron

1992 - Reinhart Theissen Medal from International Committee for Coal Petrology
1997 - Gilbert Cady Award from Coal Geology Division of the Geological Society of America

1998 - Hacquebard Medal (1st recipient) from CSCOP

Other professional achievements
Charter member of editorial board of the International Journal of Coal Geology
CSCOP President (1983-1995)
CSCOP Cameron Award established to encourage students in coal and organic petrology

Publication's list

Published memorials
IJCG Memorial by Fari Goodarzi and Judith Potter
GSA Memorial by Russ Dutcher and William Spackman
IJCG Biography by Peter Hacquebard

See also memorial for this colleague and other at The Society for Organic Petrology website memorial web pages.

Notes / Messages

Oct 24, 2000

Mike Avery
CSCOP Secretary

On behalf of the 'East Coast Petrographers' I would like to convey our sincerest regrets at the news of the death of our friend and colleague Alex. He, of course, is held in the highest regard for his work and accomplishments during his successful career. Most importantly he was looked on as good friend who was always ready with a smile or a laugh.

Note: The CSCOP Cameron Award will most likely be renamed Cameron Memorial Award