Ordering and pricing information

"A Petrographic Atlas of Canadian Coal Macerals and Dispersed Organic Matter"

To order directly from the Society:

      Send cheque or money order made payable to Canadian Society for Coal science and Organic Petrology to:

Dr. Hamed Sanei 
Geological Survey of Canada (Calgary) 
3303-33rd Street NW 
T2L 2A7 
email: hamed.sanei@canada.ca

To order from the Geological Survey of Canada (Calgary) bookstore (they can accept Visa):

    Contact the bookstore at same address or phone: 403-292-7030 or fax: 403-299-3542

Pricing:    Regular price: $133.50 ($138.00 outside Canada)
   CSCOP Member price: $113.50 ($117.30 outside Canada)*

   * This price is also available as a special offer made to 1997 ICCP meeting attendees.